“Elemental” by KJ Halliday

The Elemental series of poetry and photography by KJ Halliday has now been updated. It is looking amazing and there has been some slight changes to the images, but the poetry has remained the same. Excerpt from “Fire” My hallucinations have implications Of...
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“Waiting for You” – Ayelle

Great sound from Ayelle out of the UK. Check out the song below on youtube or scroll down for the soundcloud...
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New and Emerging Artists Wanted!

Refuge Island has finished with a very recent upgrade and is now on the lookout for new and emerging artists, musicians and other creative folk. I have made it much easier to submit to the site now with a simple online interview you can use HERE. The site has been...
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The #Comedy Stylings of an Indi Original

An Indi Original is based out of Sydney and combines some great Australian humour in a mix of sketch comedy, animation and voiceovers. You can subscribe to their Youtube Channel here or check out their Facebook page. Remember to share this post and help support... read more

Amazing Science Fiction Inspired Art

Since I have been writing a new series of short science fiction stories (#iwearwhite) I thought I would share some amazing scifi inspired images! I have made it easy for all you Twitter users to retweet these or you can simply share this post with the social buttons... read more

The Amazing Artist Alison Jardine

I have wanted to feature artists that I see on Twitter on this site for quite some time and I keep seeing the same one with breathtaking work – Alison Jardine. I really love her range of work and there is little that I have to say to convince you that there is... read more

AVAVA Canvas Wall Art Gallery Completed

I have been posting a few things on my new art gallery lately on Refuge Island but I can now share that the final website if finished! I have been working on getting it all just right as I have display products now and have been working from a temporary website. You... read more

Two New Art and Photography Websites

I have been ultra busy at the moment with work and some revamps of my own projects so apologies first off! I am still looking for artists, musicians and more to get featured on the site as it keeps growing but in the meantime I have finally opened my official online... read more

New Art Print Series by KJ

I know I am self promoting a little bit (or a lot) with this post but i wanted to share a few of the new images that will be available on canvas prints shortly. I am working on a new series so I haven’t had the time I would like to dedicate to Refuge Island, but... read more

Interview with Art Photographer Lilly Vigna

Lilly Vigna is an amazing art photographer from Italy who already has such a unique style that it’s hard not to fall in love with her imagery. I started looking through her art during some time outs from doing my own art and I just needed to know more as soon as... read more

The Aquadolls – Musical Mermaids!

Lurking around on Twitter isn’t always bad – it’s where I stumbled across The Aquadolls and their leading mermaid Melissa Brooks. I won’t get into labeling anything here with a particular style but simply describe my first few interactions with... read more

Creative Changes for Refuge Island

I have been super busy with the new commercial art gallery and bringing the new gallery manager up to speed. I haven’t been neglecting my beautiful pet project “Refuge Island” either! I am going to be going through now to make some final creative... read more

Brand New Commercial Art Gallery

I have been a bit busy in the last few weeks getting Refuge Island up and running with the new format and focus as well as working on my new online art gallery and entrance. You can check out the entrance at AVAVA.ME and there is one of my new projects called... read more

New #Abstract #Art by KJ #Mixed #Media #Australia

I have been working on some abstract pieces for this site as well as many others and just wanted to share some on a single post rather than scattered across the four corners of the internet. I hope you enjoy them. I will be making some prints when I get a chance as... read more

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