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When I was growing up the left side of politics warned us about globalisation and its effects – now they are its greatest champions. It is also why conservative politicians and parties have been able to capture the votes of so many working class people who have been disenfranchised because their traditional parties have abandoned them in favour of massive immigration programs and the outsourcing of their jobs to overseas workers.

So not only are working class people (and now the middle class) in Australia competing with thousands of new migrants (for the same number of jobs) but they are also competing against cheap labour in foreign countries because of free trade. Why has it become the realm of conservative politicians and writers to use these issues to further their bigoted aims? Right minded people need to reclaim these issues from concervatives and accept the reality that workers in western nations have been thrown onto the scrap heap by the very people who were supposed to protect them.

It’s time to kill off globalism once and for all

The talking points of Australian politicians (except the deeply troubling One Nation Party and a few other niche -and often bigoted political movements) are always pro-corporation and pro-globalism as if there is no alternative – and there is:


We are all already deeply connected to other people around the world, at the expense of any local connections. With what we eat coming from further and further afield, you would think that the emissions from food transport alone would be enough for politicians to enact legislation supporting more local food, co-operatives and even backyard gardens as a way to both increase employment and improve food security. But no… instead you have the supposed “left” side of politics forcing even more globalisation and economic austerity just so corporations can employ slave labor in third world countries while maintaining profits in their developed markets.

Globalisation may have lifted some people out of poverty, but the overwhelming outlook for a global world is one of debt slavery and servitude to global corporations with no ties or loyalty to local communities. You only have to look at the forced destruction of entire regional Australian communities to make way for coal mines to realise that we no longer have any form of true democracy. We have globalisation. We have corruption. We have environmental destruction worldwide. That is what politicians and businesses that support globalisation have brought us.

So what exactly is wrong with starting from the local communities in which we live and still allowing for global trade in items and resources that are lacking in that local area? An interconnected localism if you will. As climate change continues to strike with increasingly unpredictable consequences, the strong local and regional economies and communities will survive. It is also through these local communities that we can finally address the problems causing climate change through community renewable energy projects implemented in the developing world and the developed world alike.

As the corny old saying went “think global, act local”.