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It seems like a good time to discuss the sheer hatred that so many Australians have for those less fortunate than themselves. People who receive any form of government help are generally despised by a sizable portion of the community. Is this because Australians hate poor people? I think it is something much deeper.

For too many Australians, it is always poor people’s fault that they are poor.So much for a “fair go”. Perhaps their greatest fear is becoming one of these despised “unemployed people”. The rising hatred of the unemployed does seem to coincide with Australia’s now record debt:

So the majority of these Australians who hate poor people, are actually (on paper) more likely to be much poorer! The levels of debt in Australia is at nosebleed levels, and that can only continue for so long until (in an ironic twist of fate) they end up unemployed, potentially homeless and asking for a handout from the government. Essentially morphing into a “dole bludger”

The lesson to take away from this is to show a little bit of compassion please Australia. In fact, unemployment benefits cost Australia about the same as massive middle and upper-class welfare programs like negative gearing & capital gains tax concessions. It certainly is a strange time that we live in that if you have no debt and a couple of dollars to your name, you’re technically richer than most Australians!

Unfortunately, once a credit crunch comes and if employment continues to stagnate or fall, it is all of the poor – those who accept it, and the delusional ‘debt rich’ – that will suffer the most.