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In Australia at the moment we have seen a strike by Journalists and staff at Fairfax – one of Australia’ oldest news organisations. While it would be nice to stand in solidarity with the hard working men and women who now have their jobs at risk, you can’t help but wonder what planet they have been living on.

For those of us living in the ‘real world’ the effects of globalisation, automation, and interconnectivity have been crushing for well over a decade. It has been papers like the Sydney Morning Herald and its writers that have trumpeted in this brave new world – a capitalist paradise where there are no workers anymore, only consumers.

Now that most of us (especially those in the communications industry) have moved on and found ways to pay our bills, we are expected to feel sorry for old media. While I send condolences to anyone that has lost work, the mainstream media has always been about advertising, and this last gasp and guilt trip just doesn’t cut it.

We sat back and watched in Australia as Fairfax joined News Corp in supporting first Tony Abbott, and then (even worse!) Malcolm Turnbull. Then they have the nerve to tell us all that we are doomed without their professional journalism!

Well, we are sorry Old Media, it’s time that we laid you to rest. I am sure there will be a use for you beyond lining bird cages, but in an age of Wikileaks, blogs, and true fearless independent (and unpaid too!) journalism, some of us are looking forward to the future.

Rest in peace mainstream media. It is time for a truly independent fourth estate to rise again!