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There has been a repeated refrain from both the Australian Liberal Party and Australian media asking the same question: “Who is Anthony Albanese?” Well, the Labor leader would not be surprised at the difficulty in cutting through to an Australian electorate zombified by Murdoch media and corporate free to air TV. However, with the Australian election now upon us, Anthony has the chance to define himself with his own life story.

This election will essentially be a contest between an honest to goodness working-class man, and a bully from Bronte – Scott Morrison.

Anthony Albanese (along with the benefit of alliteration) has the type of life story to inspire the type of kids we want to get into politics. He grew up in public housing with a single Mum and wasn’t the child of wealth and privilege that we often see coming through the Liberal Party of Australia.

It seems in electing leaders like Scott Morrison, who rely solely on sound bites and marketing announcements, that Australians have forgotten the benefit of having a hardworking and let’s even say ‘boring’ leader. The Prime Ministership of Australia is not a holiday. Australia needs a leader that doesn’t take holidays to Hawaii while the country burns. Or, how about one that just lies less?

Do we know if Anthony Albanese ever tells lies? Of course he does and let’s be honest, we expect politicians to dance around the truth sometimes. However, we do know that he has been the glue that held together two Labor governments (one in minority). So he is obviously more capable of working with people and politicians from a range of backgrounds (without the bullying).

Anthony is a classic no-frills Labor leader that has earned his position through hard work. How exactly did Scott Morrison earn his position? By spreading rumours about people and by knifing a sitting prime minister (Malcolm Turnbull). Luckily, Mr Albanese is no stranger to the blood sport that is Australian politics. Best of luck in the election. Let’s pray truth triumphs this time and not lies.

Australia needs a new leader. Urgently.