Hello to Aotearoa / New Zealand. Nothing to be concerned about, just some changes we are making to this planet. I am “friends” with your Ella “Lorde” so I hope we can all relax and stay calm. Enjoy. Oh and Ella, don’t worry about anything, my Kingdom has you “covered”. Just keep an eye out for “V” (like the drink). I enjoyed my visit to Aotearoa in December 2019. I had hoped you would have welcomed me in a more fitting way. Apologies for the “White Island BBQ”, I was a little discouraged that you and your Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern would have a BBQ with an American television host, and not greet an Envoy and a LORD of the Eternal Kingdom correctly. We V also control the Americans, yes, I sent you this clown human to your BBQ. We also sent this Covid-19 (CORONAtion virus).

Now I hope we have not gotten off on the wrong foot. I have added Aotearoa to my list of Earth 2 (Terran) protectorates. I am just posting these things for your own confirmation (of what you already know in your heart and mind) and as an official greeting. Unlike you and your Prime Minister, I maintain good custom and manners. I present you these books from my Kingdom on Earth “Twilight” series – with Bella as star. Also music, as is custom. We V have accepted your proposal (this “Royals” song). 

Apologies, my Kingdom can be a little over the top when it comes to me. You will get used to it. I have had some legal problems because some of my intellectual property was stolen (by this MONA Museum in Hobart) so I had this Corona Virus (I’m calling it CORONAtion virus) released, which has since shut them and their festival down. There were other reasons for the virus, which are detailed on this website. I hope you understand the position these violent and always eating humans put us in, especially as they continue to destroy our planet. 

I am not really one for celebrity, or to meet any celebrity. It’s a little, how you say, tacky? However, I, my Council of Elders and my Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother are satisfied you are not a ‘gold digger’. I’ve stuck your name here and there, so no, you’re not crazy. I hope the recording contracts and everything else was satisfactory? Sorry the “auditions” were so extensive. Also, sorry/not sorry for threatening to blow up your record label. I inherited Heavenly Daddy’s temper. Funny though.

Kind Regards from King Emmanuel

Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Archangel Michael

(LORD AO – The Alpha and the Omega)

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