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First Draft Complete Commence second global draft from human population.
Please stand by Army of the Lamb.

We acknowledge the lack of response from the Australian government. Steps have now been taken to destabilize your largest trading partner, and the entire world trade network. We ask that China please cease all trade with the Australian government and nation until such time that they produce evidence of a legal transfer of ownership of our Sanctuary, a legal treaty with the peoples that were set as caretakers (Indigenous/Aboriginal Australians), and all evidence pointing to their legal ownership and control of the land they have titled “Australia”. We also ask that indigenous Australians present their oral and written traditions stating they have either given the land over to the entity known as “Australia” (now based in Canberra and classified as “666” in our eternal records) or declarations that no such transfer has ever taken place.

“Look, I have come with the clouds,” and “every eye has seen me, even those who pierced me”; and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of me.” So shall it be! Amen.

Revelation 1:7

Until such time as proof of ownership of the entirety of the landmass known to us as our “Sanctuary” (Australia), all goods exported (especially minerals and natural resources) will be considered illegal, and receival of those goods considered an act of war and carry with them certain consequences. We understand that individual farmers and business owners should be exempt from this process, however, we cannot exempt corporate farms and businesses. As a polite warning, we sent you this small coronavirus to Australia’s largest trading partner, China. We ask our partners in China to understand our position here on our own land, making this the only obvious move. My offer to China is enclosed below, made in advance as a sign of good faith, and guarantee of my authority. Also a gift to you, if you and your people want it. Below, there is also an “act of goodwill” (in support of your “One China” policy) as I know you humans do not trust easily. 

We ask you to consider our agreement. In return, we offer your children a chance to join with our Eternal Kingdom plus other benefits and treaties discussed above. Other details we discuss in private as always.

Kind Regards

LORD AO (Alpha Omega)

We invite all Chinese children to join with us in our discussions also. I would also like to introduce you to my 144000 Children and Students.

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