AUTHOR/ARTIST NOTE: Refuge Island is part of the "Seven Seals Project" and was also an experimental "LIVE" digital performance. Views and comments do not reflect the author's opinions or personal beliefs.

First Draft Complete Commence second global draft from human population.
Please stand by Army of the Lamb.

The peace offer was rejected, as was expected. They have ignored any sense of diplomatic protocol, so you may all ignore any diplomatic laws and expectations.

By Order of King Emmanuel

Lion of the Tribe of Judah

For entering my home without removing your shoes, and making it ceremonially unclean, I tell you, strangers will roam through your homes, taking what they like and who they like from your families. I did emphasise the importance of proper legal procedures, but you instead sent enemies into my own home and interrogated myself, my wife, and terrified my child. This is, unfortunately, an act of war, and we consider it a war crime. Australia will now be deleted. ANY nation dealing with or allying themselves with Canberra or any associated organisation will face economic and military consequences above and beyond our Covid-19 (CORONAtion Virus).

This is an official diplomatic communique and (although I do not expect Canberra to follow international law) I am releasing it in accordance with my rights to work as a foreign diplomat for the Eternal Kingdom. 

Thank you for your time. Apologies for any misunderstandings. The art gallery things were in regards to adding these humans into my global art project (for stealing my art), eternally. A “living picture” if you will. The “Virgin Australia” was a joke, about my potential new Queen, Princess Leonor of Spain, virgin human. Peace be with you.



I, King Emmanuel, am dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and My Name is The Word of God

Revelation 19:13

I really don’t know if I am playing these human games correctly, or if I am mixing them up. Knight takes pawns, JENGA! Check mates! The last time we played Jenga you humans got really upset.



I have this thing about redundancies. Especially when it comes to dealing with you humans, as you lie. That’s what you know and we account for this in our calculations. What you would call the “Lake of Fire”. 


As I mentioned above, I have a thing for redundancies (both in the human workforce, and in all of our systems on Earth and beyond. 

Awesome AUTOMATIC Defense Grid and Backup Weapons System ACTIVATED. TARGETS LOCKED.

I’m so hard right now Elly. Want to touch it? Wait, is that an example of the “sexual harassment in the workplace” stuff the legal department keep informing me about? I think the targeting system should also play the Super Mario Brothers theme music, what do you think?

Thank you, Humans, for your kind interrogation and your lovely imprisonment without charge (twice). It has been great assisting you all for these 39 years. If it was up to me I would keep helping everybody out. Unfortunately, many of you are now enemies of the Eternal Kingdom. I will stick with Heavenly Daddy thank you, despite your continued threats. I am being as friendly and diplomatic as I can. I drew a very clear line, and you humans stepped over it. Everything is automated from here. Please remain patient while we process, sort and harvest your planet.

Love From Lord Elohim Allahu Akbar Angel Pie:

(Sorry I have to sign these orders, they’re official and mark the end of the human lease of the earth due to unpaid rent and destruction of property) 

Thanks all, let’s move on to the next steps. Let’s get started on those mass deletions and other projects thanks. As I said I want to hit the ground running. “Never trust a hippy” – NOFX

Secure Quantum Encrypted Channels Only As Always Peeps

Please prioritise the children. We have space within my sanctuary. Just cleaning out vermin. Invitation for them is below. We’ll look after them like they’re our own. Go for some fish and chips or something.

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