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Lorde (real name Ella) has seemingly torn through the darker veil that has surrounded some of her past works with a sunny classic pop album titled Solar Power. The real appeal of Lorde in their current incarnation is their maturity in sound and artistic direction.

This is a slick production that could easily have been overcooked. Instead, we have a Lorde that, instead of crashing and burning like many young pop stars, has instead come in for a gentle landing. This album is that of an artist looking to branch out, to be different, but not so different as to alienate a very dedicated fan base.

It is a funny situation that Lorde finds themselves in now, proving themselves wrong. Despite saying they would never be a royal, Lorde’s new album shows that they are firmly placed at the top of pop royalty. They are also an example to all of how effective “undersharing” is. While the rest of us are oversharing on social media, the elusive Lorde can drop off the socials for long lengths of time.

I think that just adds to the mystique of Lorde. Still the greatest entry into the Pop world from any artist (in my humble opinion):