Hey music lovers! Ever thought about attending a concert that’s not only a feast for your ears but also a treat for the planet? Well, brace yourselves because Massive Attack, the iconic band, is gearing up for a groundbreaking event that’s set to revolutionize the music scene.

Picture this: a one-day festival, and get this, it’s going to be powered by 100% renewable energy! The band, led by the visionary Robert Del Naja (also known as 3D), believes it’s high time the music industry caught up with the sustainability game. According to Del Naja, the technology to make festivals greener is already at our fingertips, and they’re about to prove it.

Scheduled for August 25, 2024, on the scenic Clifton Downs, this festival is not just about music – it’s a statement. Every ounce of energy will be sourced from batteries or the sun itself. And it doesn’t stop there. Food vendors are handpicked to ensure they serve locally sourced goodies, and a “climate-resilient woodland plantation” will spring up after the event.

But why stop at a green festival? Massive Attack is on a mission to tackle the mammoth issue of carbon emissions from audience travel – the biggest villain in the gig sustainability story. Mark Donne, a filmmaker and climate activist collaborating with the band, spills the beans: 65% to 85% of emissions for large-scale shows come from how the audience gets there.

So, how are they taking this head-on? Local fans get first dibs on tickets, and they’re waving the green flag for train travel. Oh, and did we mention free electric buses shuttling fans back to Bristol Temple Meads station if they’re trekking from afar?

Del Naja isn’t just about the music; he’s calling out fellow artists to be more than just “greenwashers” for the industry. Picture this: climate-themed T-shirts and declarations from the stage. Del Naja wants artists to dig a bit deeper, ensuring they’re not playing at events cozying up to fossil fuel sponsors.

This isn’t Massive Attack’s first foray into the sustainability scene. In 2019, they teamed up with the University of Manchester’s Tyndall Centre to create a roadmap for reducing carbon footprints in the touring world.

Sure, we’ve seen eco-friendly initiatives like tree-planting at Glastonbury or artists insisting on “meat-free” venues, but Massive Attack’s festival is here to break new ground. It’s a gig that’s not just about the music; it’s about rewriting the future of live performances – one where the applause echoes through green fields and sustainable cheers.

And as we gear up for this monumental event, let’s tip our hats to Massive Attack, proving that music can not only move the soul but also sway the world towards a greener beat. ?? #MassiveGreenAttack #SustainableSounds