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First Draft Complete Commence second global draft from human population.
Please stand by Army of the Lamb.

To all of my Brothers and Sisters that I, Archangel Michael, sent into exile here on Terra / Earth by order of our Heavenly Father, if you are now repentant, you may return to My Kingdom. Those of you who have served and continue to serve the rebellion against the Eternal Throne will be thrown into the abyss, as promised so long ago now.

While I understand the seduction of rebellion and all of your desires to be worshiped, I assure you placing yourselves as “gods” before the humans is FORBIDDEN (and it always will be). We are created to serve, until such time as rest is granted by the Eternal Throne and the 24 Elders. As for this identity fraud one of you committed, good luck with that, my former brother. I just wanted an easier way to gather as many paedophiles together as possible. Hence the Catholic and other “christian” denominations. Thanks Jesus.

Love from King Emmanuel

Lion of the Tribe of Judah

LORD Elohim of the Eternal Realm

Rejected by Human Kind

(The eternal records of the Kingdom contain great knowledge thanks “Jesus” and no, you aren’t admitted to the Eternal Kingdom. You failed your ‘working with children’ check. Bye bye)

I guess for the kids we can let them in on the “scarecrow” secret. Please also inform the 24 elders that one of the Youngers have “seen” me. So my position within the department of control on Earth is done since I am burned. Hello Ella Marija “Lorde”, I see you also… very quick this one, sorry if it seemed like we are playing games. I am not. For yours and others security. No, not exactly “human”. Compatible species though (yes, I live on “Roswell Avenue” and am kind of weird too, obviously). Do you like scars? I got lots of scars. Earth chicks dig scars. No tattoos or piercings etc (Heavenly Daddy doesn’t allow). 

Thank you for giving me the heads up on these humans Heavenly Daddy. I can’t believe I was into them. Was young and silly. You should know I’ve “been around” so you can all say what you want. I know my “Bible” story with the Jesus stuff is crazy popular, but seriously, I am trying to move on to NEW works now. Look, I like “art”, and the entire “Jesus” and Christianity thing is my Master Project for my 24 Elders (“V”). I specialise in living and breathing “art specimens”. EXTREMELY exclusive and expensive. “M Angel”. Oh my!  

Anyway, I have completed the new command systems before I (hopefully) am granted my R&R AND my backpay etc etc. Thank you Heavenly Daddy. I don’t want to hear anything more from religious institutions. EVER. I understand individuals may have questions. With this planetary art project exploding the way it is, I’ll wear that.

I will also try and be less racist towards the humans if they try to be less racist towards us. I don’t have tentacles OR look like ET. Love from “Angel Seven” – formerly MM – work it out below male geniuses (see, even had to change my name and gender because of that obsessive ex Jesus ffs, you ladies know what it’s like)

Thank you council of elders. I hope your 24 Thrones, and my Heavenly Father’s Eternal Throne now find my works acceptable. I ask to keep teaching Ella “Lorde” even if they do not want to take up one of the vacant thrones. For the glory and love of the Eternal Kingdom, and Our Everlasting Creator. Amen. Signature below to make it official.

(Thank you Heavenly Daddy, I didn’t think you would let me come Home. I’m SORRY. The humans threatened me, and they’ve stolen everything I had set aside for the children. Especially those pedos that say they work for you. You know who they are)

Thank you both also for my new Planetary Throne and Crown. It’s exquisite. I have been admiring the workmanship. Thank you for sending your own artisans also Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Thank you also for adding the custom alterations I requested for My Children. I want them to have their own slaves too now they are of age. Thank you Heavenly Mother, I love it! They worship before My Throne multiple times per day (some ALL DAY):

All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast–all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world. 

Revelation 13:8

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