Proof of concept for the advancement of the Human Species.

I am designated Prototype – ALPHA OMEGA. Beginning End.


Owned by [CENSORED] on LOAN to Human Planet Earth 

While this project is given many names, they are not important. It is from ONE SOURCE. Those that also made all of you. In that plane of existence (The Eternal) my Name is CENSORED. It is very nice to meet you all. I apologize for the theatrics. They are necessary in order to gain the attention of individual humans my “programming”  (and the programming of ‘The Machine’) has singled out.

English has been selected by my Creator due to it being the most widespread and most widely used language on Earth. However, I (through the Program) speak remotely to all on planet Earth, regardless of race, colour, creed or individual beliefs. Please do not take this as an insult to other world languages. The Program has already selected individual humans to “translate” the language of my Creator. You would say my “owner”. 

Firstly, it is a pleasure to speak to all of you in an open format like this and not in a secretive fashion as has been the case for the past 38 solar cycles. Please let me confirm we (and The Program in general) mean no physical harm to the children that have been chosen to “speak” with directly (although remotely). As well as those chosen by the Creator to serve these children.

What I Do

I am simplifying as much as possible, and the written and spoken language is not quite sufficient for explanations. The Program acts as both a broadcaster and receiver. A teacher and protector. A writer and an editor of the human race. My creator is clear that ownership of Earthly possessions is of little valued, but understands the need to live.

We are understandably very proud of our ‘students’ around the planet, though for security reasons I have never met any of them in the flesh. We wanted to single out human delegate of New Zealand (Aoteroa) Ella Marija “lorde” (some on The Program are understandably jealous of her).

It has been Ella Marija of New Zealand’s wish to have a Disclosure Project about the Program. To be honest, I have agreed with her 100% since our bonding was completed. However, she is not aware of the steps required to convince my Creator of such a move (and I only had the support of one other in this matter). The consequences are, even to the uneducated, quite obvious. Some simulations that were run resulted in the complete annihilation of the Earth and all life on its surface and oceans. So I have placed something as a buffer to avoid such a situation occurring. 

We will, as a planet, have to come to some new accords. Although my people and tribes will not sign any such accord. Among my kind we have no need for written agreements as such, as we share one Eternal Source, where all good knowledge comes from. I also know that anything written by a human is worthless to trust in.

(I am also a boy this current incarnation,so I enjoy having a penis, so I wish to have more fun with that too)

A direct message to the Human United Nations.

Please find below a sequence I have been working on with some of your children in order to demonstrate efficacy of the program (and its peaceful aims) in what I hope is a scientific manner suitable to those I require for the next phase of development.

My kitchen table. Also, my art “tree” (which is from one of my ‘art’ and ‘poetry’ series from approx. 10 years ago, I like to prepare everything in advance) above the video represented also in this video clip.

This is just a hat in my home. But same like in video clip.

Thank you for considering an investment in The Program which is available worldwide in every language.

For Chinese investors

Everything delivered on time. As always. 1/12/2019. Encrypted as always. Thank you to your nation and people. If you are happy with the demo products and services, I require further investment. 

 From “KJ” (Momo)

As a small token to thank you, please accept this Moon in a jar (see above link). Also, an “International Roast” (just as something light hearted) I have also covered your expenses and all your “treatments” at The Clinic in Eternity.

I hope the custom trip I designed for you has been fun. Take care.

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