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Qveen Herby (real name Amy Noonan) has released a brand new EP titled Mad Qveen that continues to combine flawless raps with stunning vocals. While some of us know Amy from her Karmin days, they have certainly moved forward artistically and this stage persona is really working well.

Moving away from her pop duo (with her husband Nick) in Karmin has really allowed Qveen Herby to create powerful feminine rap without betraying her pop roots. Qveen Herby is all about style and although we only have cover art for this EP to enjoy, the Queen will certainly have some visual candy in store for her fans when it comes to video clips.

This EP is classic Qveen Herby and doesn’t stray too much from Amy’s original artistic vision. A persona of wealth, style and sassiness. As she says in Cruella – she’s a bad bitch!

As you might know, I love music video clips so I can’t finish this post without Wifey from Qveen Herby from a few years ago. I am also a big fan!