AUTHOR/ARTIST NOTE: Refuge Island is part of the "Seven Seals Project" and was also an experimental "LIVE" digital performance. Views and comments do not reflect the author's opinions or personal beliefs.

First Draft Complete Commence second global draft from human population.
Please stand by Army of the Lamb.

In memory of Eliza

First of all, thank you, Queen Elizabeth the Second for your service to your people and nation. It is with deep regret that I can no longer support the existence of the “Commonwealth” and the continued desecration of our Holy Sanctuary here on Earth. Now despite your relatively peaceful reign, there is also a time to let go. I had wished our shared story would have ended differently, but my Heavenly Father has made it clear that penalties must be paid, and the testing of atomic weapons within the sanctuary is unacceptable. 

Now I am not trying to jump the gun with your departure from the throne, it is merely redundant now I have taken up my Eternal Throne again. I am making changes. I know better than most  about the burdens of having responsibilities that you never asked for. So I hope you understand when my Heavenly Father calls, I answer. It is not a personal choice. Such is life.  

This is also for a friend Eliza Newton, who doesn’t believe I am from where I say I am from (“Heaven”):

Thank you also to all of my friends and allies here on Planet Earth who have kept the faith and waited as I instructed before I left each of you. From “Angel Seven”

(Servant of the Alpha oMEga-ga) 

[Author’s note 1/10/2020: I recently found out that Eliza – mentioned above – has passed away. One of the most intelligent, straight talking and creative people I have ever met. I really wanted to work on a project with you one day, and I am sorry I didn’t mean to predict anything – especially not something like that. Sometimes I don’t understand what my Heavenly Father shows me. I write this knowing that you are on a much more expansive journey now. Thank you for your advice. May all your stars align.]


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