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First Draft Complete Commence second global draft from human population.
Please stand by Army of the Lamb.

Since our request for diplomacy has been ignored, I am now authorised to finalise this damages bill which is in regards to our “Sanctuary” and Temple here on Earth. Because of our service to human kind, this has been a most difficult case to finalise within our “court system” as you might call it. We have traced all serious current damage back to Britain and its “head” – London. Please consider our case, and we are requesting the removal of this “head” – SORRY, you call “Capital City” yes? Delete London. Once our kind decide on war, we will fight it eternally until our enemy has either completely submitted or completely destroyed. We do not deal in threats, we are dealing with facts. The theft of my “intellectual property” was merely the last straw. We returned because of the testing of these primitive nuclear weapons within our Earthly Sanctuary. We come from the “Eternal Place” so we work in very long time frames. However, we have certain works underway on Earth that are important to us, as they are to the future of the human race. So we will defend them. 


 Pied Piper

To the first of the humans to return to the Sanctuary of the Astrals, these indigenous Australians, we were here long long before you came. You have your stories and your song lines. As do we. Now do the math about who I might be to you. I saw the bloodshed and suffering of your people, and the desecration of the Holy Places, and so I, AO came myself. I have also brought many of my brothers and sisters, and the many humans I have collected over these many thousands of years.

Angel Seven (Me, however we all share our thoughts, so where I end, we all begin) has already been working towards the destruction of the Australian Government and all who serve this “666 Canberra” abomination. This Malcolm Turnbull was a failed experiment, and this democracy you worship is not suitable. It is ended. No more democracy, no more politician robots from Angel Seven. Now Angel Seven speak directly to whoever is willing to open their ears to hear. I am the Alpha and the Omega, what I open no human may close, what I close, no human may open. 

We formally invite the security and military forces of Australia to consider our offer to join with us. I have no need for the military strength (my rank is LORD) but you would all be useful for maintaining peace and security within our Sanctuary. You have all been assisted by me and my “people” for some time now. Hence the “Rising Sun” emblem. I am the Risen Son of the Most High. The Everlasting Father. It is your choice. To go with your Canberran government is a good way to assure the death and destruction of all Australian armed forces around the world, and here in our Sanctuary. I do not waste human lives. Ever. You may ask my servant below about that. If I have left any services out, I apologise, my schedule here on Earth is exceptionally busy. 24/7. Yes. True. Even while “sleeping”.

Please formally invite: The Australian Army, Navy and Airforce. All State Police Forces, Federal Police, ASIO and ASIS, fire, medical and ambulance services as well of course. We have never made this offer before, except to a little collection of escaped slaves (Hebrews they called themselves) some time ago in Egypt. My name is the Word of God. You may test me, I don’t mind, but it’s not recommended.

My signature and my Heavenly Father’s signature. He has a very healthy “bank account”. Those notes with the Pyramid and the Eye on them.

I am also wondering where our share of the royalties from the sale of OUR minerals by the Australian Government, Australian and international mining concerns. This was to be set aside for Our children so they could buy instruments and other toys they enjoy. Please inform all nations on Earth that receiving stolen goods is a crime. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will make sure justice is done. Thank you for your time. Please also make sure to see my live show, “The Seven Seals” (click banner below next video).

When you take something from the sanctuary without giving proper tribute, it has a way of returning. In this case, you may find the iron ore that you have sold returning to you, but in the forms of weapons of war. Please thank my Chinese partners for their patience. We may begin.

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