Hey Tesla enthusiasts, grab your charging cables because the Cybertruck is officially out and about! Tesla recently rolled out the first few Cybertrucks during a live event at its Texas plant, and it’s got the electric vehicle world buzzing.

Now, here’s the scoop. While the Cybertruck is ready to roll in North America, our friends down under might have to wait a bit. The Tesla Australia site is currently showing a ‘Get Updates’ button, leaving us Aussies on the edge of our seats.

But let’s talk specs. Tesla is offering three variants of the Cybertruck, and they’ve spilled all the details for the North American model. We’ve got the dual-motor All-Wheel Drive starting at a cool US$79,990 (that’s around A$121,000) and the mighty tri-motor Cyberbeast at US$99,990 (approximately A$151,000). Hold on to your steering wheels because full-scale deliveries for these bad boys are set to kick off in 2024.

Now, for the tech geeks out there, the Cyberbeast boasts a jaw-dropping 630kW of power, 13,959Nm of torque, and can do the 0-100km/h sprint in a mind-blowing 2.7 seconds! It’s basically a beast on wheels, and it even comes with an estimated range of 515km (or more with the “Range Extender”).

But don’t worry if you’re not looking for supercar speeds. There’s also a mid-range Cybertruck All-Wheel Drive that can do the 0-100km/h sprint in 4.1 seconds, has an estimated range of 547km, and starts at US$60,990 (around A$92,000).

Here’s a fun fact: the Cybertruck is the first Tesla to rock a 48V/800V electrical setup. And guess what? It can charge at a maximum rate of 250kW, adding up to 206km of range in just 15 minutes. That’s quicker than your coffee break!

Now, let’s talk size. The Cybertruck is a beast, measuring 5683mm long, 2413mm wide, and 1791mm tall. It’s slightly bigger than the Rivian R1T, giving you that extra room to roam.

But it’s not just about power and size. The Cybertruck is rocking a special stainless steel super alloy, making it tougher than your average pickup. Elon Musk claims it has more torsional stiffness than a McLaren P1 – now that’s a flex!

Inside, you’ve got seating for five, a massive touchscreen infotainment system up front, and an additional touchscreen for rear passengers. Plus, all the bells and whistles like a panoramic glass sunroof, a killer sound system, and even a hospital-grade HEPA filter.

Now, the big question for us Aussies – will the Cybertruck hit our shores? It’s still up in the air as you can’t order one right now, and Tesla has only spilled the beans on the North American version. But hey, the electric revolution is on, and the Cybertruck is leading the charge. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s hope this electric beast hits Aussie roads soon! ??