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I recently had the pleasure of attending what has to be one of the more progressive Christian Churches in Australia – the Uniting Church (in Adamstown New South Wales). We are all so used to seeing complaining and bigoted “Christian” points of view amplified by conservative media, politicians and lobby groups. However, that rare sight of genuine Christian concern for the welfare of other human beings (without judgement) was refreshing.

The steps of Adamstown Uniting Church

If you haven’t heard about the Uniting Church then I would describe it as the most welcoming of Christian churches in Australia (at least in terms of mainstream large churches). The Adamstown Uniting Church has what I understand to be a very obvious welcoming “rainbow” stairs at the front of their church. The local press had also reported on their outreach to people in the LGBTIQ+ community as well.

This for me was a big deal because I have heard all sorts of godless, hateful things said about non-binary people within Christian churches. I also know there are so many LGBTIQ+ believers that have no access to a community of believers. Why? Because if they go to church they know they are seen as sinners and have no portion in conservative Christian salvation.

So it is no small thing for any Christian church to say, hey, you are welcome here because Christ would have welcomed you too. I also know that there are many believers that return themselves to the Heavenly Father (by their own hands) rather than live with the pain and guilt of being different. These are genuine believers who, through the Heavenly Father’s own divine will, have been created to be non-binary.

If you are a believer then you have to ask yourself what was the only commandment that Jesus left?

To love one another.

If your Christianity is driven by hatred of those who are different to you (or your cultural experience) then you do not know Christ. By opening up churches to diverse groups of people the Christian churches can open themselves up to God as well. An inclusive church is representative of the kaleidoscope of God’s creation. Gay, straight, wealthy or poor, we all present ourselves (through our faith) to the same Heavenly Father.

So why continue the hate? It is in the spirit of the antichrist.