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In a bit of a change for me, I will be writing a little more about positivity. We all have a lot to be thankful for and positive about in our lives. However, that can be hard to enjoy when we are carrying around our own spiritual baggage.

Think about all the different things you have been told about the spiritual realm, religion, and life itself. How has that shaped your own beliefs? We are products of the people around us. If (as Abrahamic religions believe) we are made in God’s image then it is those who we surround ourselves with that are part of “God’s voice”.

I mean this in the internal sense. We all have a “God voice”. An overriding internal dialogue. However, that does not mean what we think (our opinion) is correct when it comes to spirituality. We each know as little as we know about God and existence itself. We all have pre-conceived ideas that prevent us from opening up to new possibilities in life, and in love as well.

How can we identify what exactly in our internal voices is holding us back? We can start with thoughts that bring darkness to our hearts. If you believe in a God of goodness, a God of light, or the light of celestial realms, then you should know good thoughts over bad ones.

When we walk and live with love, then we travel lightly and must always be willing to carry another’s burden. That is why I always try and refine my own internal faith while always balancing the fact that one must remain open to the possibilities of life.

You don’t need to perform in any particular way to please God. You don’t need to pray a certain way or meet together in a certain way. However, if you do come together, the more of you there are, the closer you all are to a tiny snapshot of the immensity of God.

Most importantly of all, as God is in all things, the good and the bad, forgive yourself simple mistakes. We are shaped by these mistakes and we learn from them. If we punish ourselves for all of our mistakes then it just adds to our unwanted spiritual baggage.

Thanks for visiting my small corner of the Universe. Please be sure to explore the third and final part of my music video-based creative series Faith Restored.