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I had a lot of fun writing my web series trilogy that just so happened to be based on music videos. So when I wound down the project I needed a mental release of all of that music video knowledge (which is ever so useful) and well, I like music videos so it was fun to put together (and it is ongoing).

Music Video Screenshots to Help you Survive the Apocalypse is a Facebook page inspired by the Salvation Trilogy. In the digital age what we consider art is always evolving. The digital art world can be accessed most places around the world, and everyone loves music so the idea of doing a music video inspired creative art and writing series appealed to me.

So why take screenshots of music videos and call it art? As a mixed media artist (and writer) I like the idea of playing with formats. Screenshots play an increasingly intrusive role in our lives. We screenshot conversations. We screenshot things we agree with. We screenshot things that make us angry. We ‘take photos’ of digital spaces to share in the digital sphere.

It is a snake eating its own tale kind of thought experiment. So, I wanted to find purposeful music video screenshots to not only tell a story, but to elicit (I hope) that feeling I get when I watch a really fun, intelligent or even stupid music video. It is a beautiful art form in its own right and some of my work is a celebration of that.

This is essentially a digital photography experiment with screenshots.

Go ahead and like and explore Music Video Screenshots to Help You Survive the Apocalypse.