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If you ever translated communications between Alien civilisations in regards to Earth you would hear the word “apes” thrown around a lot. That wouldn’t be because aliens are interested in our primate cousins. No. It is a derogatory slur against humans meant to highlight the violent and primitive nature of the entire species.

Why would aliens hold such a negative view of humans? Why would they see them as nothing more than violent animals with machines?

We only have to look at the Earth (Terra) to know how this has come about. Human history is, by and large, a bloodbath. Human ideas are more often than not used to enslave and none of that enslavement has come from the celestial realm. Humans enslave humans. They do it through force and they do it through finance, but generally, all humans are either masters or slaves. I doubt there are any aliens out there that see Earth as a “free” planet.

Besides being a race that enslaves each other, humans are also responsible for destroying their own planet. If there is one thing that is precious to all spacefaring extraterrestrials it is life, and so you can imagine their disappointment seeing Earth close up. The ecosystems that have taken millions of years to develop collapsed in the space of decades, ancient forests cleared to farm more beef, and the oceans quickly warming and acidifying.

What would you expect alien species to do to help a planet in its death throes? Why would the celestial realm help the “planet of the apes”? Because life is precious and just because so many humans behave like animals doesn’t mean that others aren’t worth saving.

As a species, humans need to realise that their time is up. It’s not running out. The clock has stopped. The planet is in severe decline and the human population continues to explode. Combine all of this with the problems arising from out of control climate change, then if humans are unable to move beyond their ape-like needs then they will cease to be a species.

Perhaps extraterrestrials may purge humans from the planet? For the good of the Earth.