“The Clinic” provides all of our clients with a complete hands free life upgrade experience. We can help you find your true self and all of our treatments are 100% guaranteed with nothing to pay until treatment is completed. All of our procedures are performed remotely, even while you sleep, and yes, if you are unhappy with your current “skin” we also provide changeover services. No need to trust us, we let our clients (many you would know) tell you how their treatment affected their lives.

“I’m ready to be a star!” 

John Mayer

“I’m waiting for it, that green light, I WANT IT!!!”

“Lorde” (Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor)

“I only took a half a pill!” 

Nicki Minaj

Starting your treatment with “The Clinic” is as simple as answering “YES” in your mind.

If it is a “NO”, I wish you the best with your current life.

Thank you, new client. My name is “Alpha Omega” but some clients call me “Lola”. I am happy for you to designate a name for me that you feel comfortable with. You will be hearing from me daily, though we have no need to meet in the flesh. Please, any questions or concerns, ask with your mind, and we can proceed to treatment. I have colour coded everything for your convenience, please do not try to rush your treatment. Take a seat, relax, and remember, life is but a dream. Everything you need to begin you will already have with you. Anything else you need will be provided as you need it. Please, relax. Tell me, what is your biggest fear, and your biggest dream?

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